App Name BKS-Donation-NoAds
Package Name org.greh.donate
Size 1.1 MB
Latest Version 1.0.1
MOD Info
Paid for free
Update Mon May 15 2023

BKS-Donation-NoAds Mod APK 2023 تنزيل -

BKS-Donation-NoAds هي أداة BKS-Donation-NoAds أحبها المستخدمون حتى الآن. في الوقت الحالي ، يرغب الكثير من الأشخاص في تنزيل BKS-Donation-NoAds apk 2023 ، ولكن BKS-Donation-NoAds غالبًا ما يستهلك الكثير من المال ، لذلك أصبح تطبيق BKS-Donation-NoAds mod apk أكثر أهمية. يوفر راحة كبيرة لتنزيل BKS-Donation-NoAds mod apk.

لقد مرت BKS-Donation-NoAds بالعديد من الإصدارات على مر السنين. BKS-Donation-NoAds 2018 ، BKS-Donation-NoAds 2019 ، BKS-Donation-NoAds 2020 ، BKS-Donation-NoAds 2021. BKS-Donation-NoAds 2023 هو أحدث إصدار ، لذلك غالبًا ما يتم استخدام BKS-Donation-NoAds 1.0.1 2023 ككلمة رئيسية لعمليات بحث المستخدم.

يوفر إصدارات مختلفة من BKS-Donation-NoAds mod apk. يحتوي على أحدث إصدارات 1.0.1 MOD لعام 2023. قم بتنزيل BKS-Donation-NoAds 1.0.1 2023 mod APK لنظام Android مجانًا الآن على!

وصف BKS-Donation-NoAds Mod APK 2023

Kindly keep this app installed its just few KBs. I am getting frequent "automatic" refund requests because users uninstall this app quickly after install. Playstore gives refund when app is removed within 2 days or probably more. If uninstalled ads will come again, features will lock again.PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE PURCHASE:- This app does nothing by itself. Requires no permission.- Presence of this app is checked by my other apps to remove ads and unlock extra features.- This app is now not visible in app list and doesn't run. Screenshots are of old version. This is made to not occupy space in app list. This app can be removed from PlayStore or Device app's settings or "unlock/remove ads" link in my apps.- If you installed this app and no unlocks happens, ads still appear it sometimes happens due to security of some devices which do NOT allow checking of other apps or other reason.Please do not rate this app bad if for some reasons your ads are not removed or features still locked. Do take a refund or send me your issues regarding that other software of mine. This app has no work to do. I wanted a 1 key solution to allow users software at low price and handle payments with less hassle. BKS-Donation-NoAds MOD APK

إن إنفاق الكثير من المال في الأيام الأولى لتراكم BKS-Donation-NoAds من BKS-Donation-NoAds بالعملة المبكرة هو أمر مؤلم للغاية. سيكون Happymod BKS-Donation-NoAds mod apk خيارًا أفضل. مستخدمي BKS-Donation-NoAds لديهم التعليقات التالية:

I love sacred sound visualizer that's why I donated small amounts but my heart ♥ goes with it I hope it will be converted to internal audio not mic or camcorder someday OK thanks

Brilliant hence I bought it

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